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As featured in Saveur Magazine


I was a private chef in NYC from 2007 - 2017. Now I relocated to Maui, set up shop on a beautiful tropical farm and am available for kosher private chef services on the Island.


Book me for a week or two and I'll take care of all your food needs while you're on Maui.


Depending on where you stay, I'll make sure it can be kashered and bring in whatever equipment, utensils or dishes are needed or wanted. The goal is that you wouldn't know you are 3000+ miles away from the nearest kosher community.


Salmon Breast

Specializing in:


  • Providing daily meals for individuals, couples & families

  • Helping kosher keeping tourists avoid shlepping food from the mainland

  • Treating guests with Kosher Culinary Luxury on their next trip to Maui

Mendel Zirkind

Private Chef

Work Experience since 2007


Top Kosher Restaurants in New York City including: 

Prime Grill, Wolf & Lamb and Le' Marais

Private Parties, Events and Holidays:


New York, California, Florida,

Hawaii, Israel, Kenya



If there is something special you'd like, just ask, and I'll make it happen. 


Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner: Shabbos Meals and snacks in between. You'll be able to enjoy the island like never before.

Wake up in the morning to a full breakfast, and go to sleep at night with a stomach fully satisfied.


Tell me what style cuisine you prefer and I'll prepare that for you. Haimish or Sefardi, Mediterranean or Eastern European, Hawaiian or plain old American BBQ, dairy, pareve, meat; Everything is possible on Maui.

I'll make sure you don't have to walk into a single grocery store for everyday shopping...

Two Wine Cups


Miriam & Jon Friedman, Mercer Island, Washington
Roi & Sharon Gigi, Great Neck New York


“I don't even know how to begin to thank/praise you and Chani. That meal was absolutely incredible. Jon, the kids, and I are blown away by the flavors and variety and decadence of every bite. You are a wizard.”

“Ur the best thank you!!!! Got everything!!!! It’s delicious! And also just wanted to say I tasted the fish before, just a bite, and it was the best salmon I have ever tasted! U are gifted. Thank you! We wanted to sincerely thank you for making this trip so magical, amazing & delicious. It wouldn't have been the same without you guys!”

Mairav Cohen, Los Angeles California


“Food was soooo good. Everything was amazing. The shabbos food was so plentiful there were even leftovers for the week.”

Chaimi Nissel, Hertzalia Israel


“It was unbelievable to have 5 star kosher meals delivered to our hotel room as if we were in Jewish New York.”

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